Green Day

J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)

My friend drove off the other day

Now he's gone and all they say

Is you gotta live it up 'cause life goes on

Now I see I'm mortal, too

I can't live my life like you

Gotta live it up while life goes on


And I think it's alright

That I do what I like

'Cause that's the way I wanna live

So I give and I'm still givin'


Now I wonder 'bout my friend

If he gave all he could give,

'Cause he lived his life like I live mine

If you could see inside my head

You would start to understand

The things I value in my heart


You know that

I know that

You're watching me


Gotta make a plan

Gotta do what's right

Can't run around in circles if you wanna build a life

But I don't wanna make a plan for a day far away

While I'm young and while I'm able all I wanna do is... (play)


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